Today sees the launch of Mio Yatai, a fuss-free dining spot offering Londoners playful and tasty Japanese street food.

mcith_final-DSC06383.jpgFounder Ihsan Tuncay has created a menu that is both affordable and thrilling with something foreveryone to enjoy.

Inspired by the no-fuss attitude that comes with the street food scene, the menu is divided into four sections: Bites & Salads; Ramen; Charcoal Oven, Wok & Fry; and desserts.

Not limited in its flavours, the menu offers something for everyone: rich and hearty dishes including Pulled Beef Cheek Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli (£6), and Tonkatsu BBQ Pork (£11) can be found on

The menu as well as lighter options, adding a modern touch, including Soft Shell Crab Tacos with Chlli Avo and Mango (£8.50), and Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Mayo (£6.50).

Not forgetting desserts, guests can share a selection of Mochi (£2), or tuck into Miso, Matcha or Black Sesame Ice Cream (£3) for afters or simply on its own.

Mio Yatai’s concise drinks list features Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban, as well as Haku Japanese Craft Vodka or Yamazaki (a Single Malt Japanese Whisky) and of course Sake.

The restaurant sits 46 covers, including a counter dining area, and will be open for lunch and dinner.

MIO Yatai

129A Pritchard’s Road


E2 9AP

[email protected]

020 7739 2540



Tuesday – Thursday

12:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:00


12:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:30


12:00 – 22:30


12:00 – 16:00