With Christmas coming up, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s time to think about laying in the drink.

Now of course we all want to drink responsibly but that doesn’t just mean simply not getting hammered. We should all be drinking wines that are local, so as to cut the carbon footprint, and wines that are well priced, to cut the shopping bills.

So why go out and buy a load of Aussie easy-drinking jam, shipped here at great expense and effort, when the great wines of Bordeaux are so close? Aussie wine may be fine to drink on its own, but French wine is the best friend for food. These four Bordeauxs are easy to find on Le High Street and are keenly priced for maximum credit crunch Christmas enjoyment

Why not explore Bordeaux a bit more www.bordeaux.com

Château Le Fregne 2007 Bordeaux

An easy-drinking claret, with a ripe and complex nose of black cherry, plum and cedar, the palate is rich and polished with a lovely texture. This ‘petit château’ offers exceptional value for money and is a great food wine. ABV: 13.0%

MAJESTIC WINE: £6.99 or buy 2 and Save £2 (£5.99 each)

Château Caronne Ste-Gemme 2004 Haut Médoc

Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot and a dab of Petit Verdot, and given a full year in French oak, this Cru Bourgeois is slightly smoky on the palate, with ripe fruits, black pepper and subtle oak giving a well-rounded finish. An excellent accompaniment to roasts. ABV. 13.0%

MAJESTIC WINE: £12.99 or Special offer from 24th Nov to 4th Jan: buy 2 bottles save £6 (£9.99 each)

Château Rocher Corbin 2005 Montagne St Emilion

Philippe Durand calls himself the king of colour! And indeed he makes the most sensational dark, deep ruby Montagne Saint Emilion with a wonderful expression of fruit and terroir. Well structured and full-bodied, with a rich palette of black fruits and coffee & cream. Will work well with red meats, rich sauces and roast turkey. ABV: 14.0%

ODDBINS: £14.99 or buy 12 at £11.99 each

Château Grand Verdus 2006 Bordeaux Supérieur

A fine example of a Bordeaux Supérieur with gentle intensity on the nose, ripe fruit on the pallet, velvety tannins and hints of oak. Ready to drink now or save it for a special occasion. It’s the ideal accompaniment to roasted game, rich red meats and strong cheeses. ABV: 13.0%

ODDBINS: £7.99 or buy 12 at £6.39 each