PROPERCORN and renowned US nutritionist, Judith Wurtman PhD, have teamed up to launch mood-boosting lunch and explain how popcorn and potatoes can curb appetite and banish winter blues.

According to Wurtman’s 30 years of research into the mood-enhancing effects of serotonin, eating carbohydrates like sweet potato and popcorn can alleviate emotional stress and control cravings. Combining these with small portions of protein, from ingredients such as peanuts and pumpkin seeds, can optimise serotonin production in the brain.

To prevent mood crash and sustain a healthy regime, PROPERCORN have worked with sustainable food delivery start-up, Karma Cans, and Judith Wurtman PhD to develop the “happiest” lunch possible. The meal contains carefully balanced nutrients which work to increase mood-enhancing serotonin, and is packed full of tasty, fresh ingredients.

PROPERCORN co-founder, Cassandra Stavrou, explains, “We’ve never believed in unrealistic, short-term diets. Health and happiness go hand in hand, so we should take advantage of the fact that the right foods can give us energy and an emotional boost. When it comes to your health, everything should be done properly.”

The recipe can be found at The prepared lunch is also available to order from Karma Cans (London delivery only):

PROPERCORN & Judith’s 5 Top Tips to banish the winter blues:

  1. Nourish yourself: Food can be a powerful tool to boost your mood and wellbeing. Judith Wurtman PhD suggests eating 25g of carbohydrate, such as popcorn, to combat the afternoon slump. Ensuring we get our Daily 5 will also help prevent seasonal sniffles. 
  2. Sleep: Mood changes and fatigue induced by lack of sleep can lead to overeating. Avoid caffeine after 2pm and if your mind won’t turn off, pick up a good book, not the TV remote. 
  3. Exercise: Try to be as active as possible, particularly throughout the working week, to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga is an especially good way to stretch and relax different muscles simultaneously.
  4. Drink water: we are made up of 70% water, so staying hydrated is essential for mental and physical energy.
  5. Take a break: Vitamin D is key. To stay happy, we should be spending as much time outside as we can. Try getting away from your desk for 10 minutes over lunch, for a dose of fresh air and much needed light.

Karma cans are a sustainable, hearty, healthy lunchtime delivery service based in London. All produce is as locally and sustainably sourced as possible. Everything is made on site that morning or the night before. If it’s something they can’t make themselves, they find a supplier they trust and find out what’s inside the product before they add it to your lunch.

The “Happy Lunch” combines roasted corn, sweet potato noodles and avocado with a toasted buckwheat dukkah. Every order from Karma Cans is delivered with a pack of PROPERCORN.