With the easing of lockdown rules it may be possible to share a glass or two with friends and family. Tesco have the corkscrew ready.

Whether it classic lamb, something fishy, something veggie or something sweet on the table, there’s a bottle to open.

Before you even sit down, why not go a bit old school with some sherry?

Tesco Finest Cream Sherry, 37.5cl, 18% abv, £6.00 IWSC Gold Medal 2020

It’s come a long way since cream sherry was the only the drink of the nation’s grandmas, a sticky glass from a bottle that had been opened three years ago. Sherry never goes off right? Wrong.

Tesco won a top award with this cream Sherry from Spain’s Gonzalez Byass winery.  Classic Oloroso grapes blended with the super luxurious Pedro Ximenez has resulted in a sweet, rich and velvety smooth Sherry. Sip it slowly and respectfully pick up the notes of dried fruits, cocoa and sweet spice. Great with dessert too.

If you prefer a bit of fizz to start, then you could do a lot worse than pop a bottle of Tesco Blanquette de Limoux 1531

Tesco Finest 1531 Blanquette De Limoux,  75cl, 12.5% abv, £7.50

A very good price right now, usually £9.50, this is something different for those pooped out by prosecco. Blanquette de Limoux was first created by Benedictine monks and blends Mauzac and Chenin grapes before the wine is aged in bottle for 12 months. You’ll pick up refreshing Spring flavours such peach, green apples and then a toasted brioche finish. If you don’t drink it all before you sit down, then it pairs well with seafood.

Tesco Finest Prosecco Doc, 75Cl, 11% abv, £8.00

Still you can’t beat a Prosecco can you and this one is hard to top for the money. The grapes are sourced from an area that overlaps the finest vineyards in Prosecco. Jazzy with citrus and pear flavours with the same aroma you get from a ripe peach. Drink it standing up and take it to table for a salmon or crab starter.

Tesco Finest Falanghina (vegan) 13% abv, £9.00

If you’ve got a vegan in the family, or a vegan friend, you’ve already discovered the surprising amount of things they will no longer eat. Wine’s okay though, isn’t it? Grapes are vegan? Well, yes they are, but many wines use animal products in the process, but not this one.

A crackingly crisp Italian white wine with aromas of orange peel, stone fruits and acacia flowers. Dry and fresh and vegan friendly.

Tesco Finest Rioja Gran Reserva (vegan) 14% abv, £11.50 IWSC Silver Medal 2020

Another vegan wine, this powerful Rioja from the award-winning Baron de Ley winery has a lot of time invested in it. First it’s barrel-aged in fine oak for two years, then matured for three years in the bottle. All that waiting around makes it deep and complex, like grandpa (or so he says) Black fruit notes with a suspicion of vanilla and exotic spice. A good choice to go with big, bold vegetarian and vegan mains.

Tesco Finest Côtes du Rhône Villages Signargues (vegan) 14.5% abv, £8.00

Those not eating vegan though will find this one goes down very well with the lamb. From the Côtes du Rhône village of Signargues, it’s a meaty blend of Syrah and Grenache grapes bringing blackcurrant and cherry to the table with plenty of spice. I

Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon (vegan) 37.5cl, 11.5% abv, £6.00 IWC Great Value Medal Winner 2020

When dessert comes around, this is a wine to make everyone happy. It’s an award-winning dessert wine from Australia’s De Bortoli family winery, that manages to be classically decadent and rich but remain fresh and not cloying with its cleansing citrus, peach and apricot notes. Served chilled with sweet desserts but also pleasantly surprise yourself and slurp it with some blue cheese.

Prices correct as of 17 March 2021

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