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August 2014 Articles Archive from Foodepedia

  • A Lidl surprise for all of us

    Friday August 29th, 2014

    I liked Lidl before it was cool. Honestly I did. Streatham was one of the first places in London to get a Lidl. That’s because at the time it was Lidl policy to open in deprived areas where property was cheap and the locals even more so.

  • World domination?

    Wednesday August 27th, 2014

    Created in 1998, WORLDFOODS is, as the name suggests, a world brand. The range of sauces for marinating, stir frying or just jazzing up your dishes is enormous and the Malaysian based brand is now available in the UK. Using the power of Skype we put a few questions to co-founder May Foong

  • A Nod to The Ned.

    Saturday August 23rd, 2014

    'The Ned' is a range of four reliable New Zealand Wines that between them provide a complete picture for the dinner table.

  • Let there be beer - we match bottled beers with BBQ delights

    Thursday August 21st, 2014

    Let There Be Beer is a nationwide campaign to promote beer drinking, or to put it perhaps better, the drinking of beer (responsibly) and beer sommelier Steve Livens has come come up with some ideas for pairing beers with BBQ standards. We fired up the Weber (charcoal of course) and compared notes.

  • Return of the Mac. A Macaron class at Tante Marie

    Wednesday August 20th, 2014

    Tom Leahy gets his hands sugary as he enters the manly world of macaron making

  • Pepper Big

    Tuesday August 19th, 2014

    Down in ‘Fannet’ food has taken a space age turn. Nick Harman visits the UK’s biggest greenhouse complex to find how our red, yellow and green peppers are produced.

  • Beautiful Beaujolais Blanc

    Tuesday August 19th, 2014

    Here's a secret; but don't tell everybody. The little known white wines of Beaujolais can be absolutely stunning.Alan Kingsbury takes a look at four classy beauties that offer exceptional value for money.

  • Réserve des Tuguets, Oh la la!

    Monday August 18th, 2014

    Réserve des Tuguets  AOC Madiran 2010 is one of our favourite wines from Tesco. Why? Well, it's a thouroughly honest example of a French country wine of the kind that goes oh so very well with the dishes we love.

  • Three steps to BBQ heaven with Virgin Wines.

    Saturday August 16th, 2014

    With their motto 'Life's too short for boring wine', Virgin Wines offer a selection of over five hundred 'boutique' examples. Alan Kingsbury picks out three of his favourites in preparation for his next outdoor feast.

  • A Pie And A Pint

    Wednesday August 6th, 2014

    If there's anything better than a box of shiny-skinned pies arriving at your door then we don't know what it is. Which is exactly what happened recently when the friendly folks at Pieministeroffered to send us a batch of their recent creations in collaboration with BrewDog.

  • All Aboard the Afternoon Tea Bus

    Sunday August 3rd, 2014

    Emma hopped aboard the Afternoon Tea Bus with a fleet of fellow food writers and bloggers to test her mettle on a portable afternoon tea with a difference.

  • Frying tonight. We take WORLDFOODS stir fry sauces for a wok

    Saturday August 2nd, 2014

    We take WORLDFOODS stir fry sauces for a wok