Aquum Clapham. Going under?

The crowd does have that ‘I’m desperately looking for a footballer’ feel to it, and the guys, who you begin to think might just have spent as long getting ready as the girls, with fancy hair and pointy shoes, but that’s cool, Clapham needs a smart, semi-pretentious clubby bar.

Wine – The Recession

Whilst in the midst of the biggest recession in living history, does a nation internationally renowned for hard drinking consume even more? With brand booze seemingly ‘on tap’ at most supermarkets, and even a Champagne price war going on that caters for the higher echelons as well, is it no wonder that alcohol is now officially as big a problem as everyone thinks it is?

Whining on about films

So, everything seems to be falling apart at the financial seams, which is obviously quite concerning, but like with all things, there’s always good to be had from bad times. Waitrose, the supermarket, recently reported that sales of their £5-7 wines had dwindled almost into insignificance, whereas sales of wine above £10 had shot through the roof, Champagne too.