Greek’Reveni’ Cake

The cake itself is a simple and moist sponge but the syrup is what makes it really special and the perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee after a big meal. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Fragrant Vietnamese Seabass

Summer is here and the hot weather makes me crave lighter meals with plenty of fresh fish and seafood. Vietnamese food is one of my favourite cuisines, bursting with flavour and wonderfully fresh aromatics, its healthy, delicious and perfect when you want to eat light.

Keema Muttar

Keema Muttar is one of my favourite dishes and features on takeaway menus up and down the country. ‘Keema’ means minced meat (always lamb) and ‘muttar’ are peas and together, with an earthy blend of spices, they are transformed from two humble ingredients into something rather more special.

Turkish’Adana’ Kebabs

These kebabs are really delicious and have quite a fiery kick to them, but the level of heat is up to you. The are completely versatile in that you can BBQ them, preferably over charcoal which really is the best and most authentic way to cook them or if like me, you don’t have a BBQ then you can either grill them or pan fry them.

Turkish’Gavurdagi’ Salad

This dish is traditionally an accompaniment for any kind of grilled meat, but what really made it so appealing to me was the unexpected presence of pomegranate syrup in the dressing; it provides a rounded acidity that elevates the dish greatly, transforming it into a mouth watering accompaniment worthy of being a main dish in itsel

Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Originally a Portuguese recipe which made its way to the exotic shores of Brazil, Bolinhos de Bacalhau (Pronounced ‘Bollinyoos de Bacalyao’) are delightful little salt cod fritters which are one of my absolute favourite things to scoff in summer washed down with copious amounts of Caipirinha cocktails.

Persian’Mirza Ghasemi’ Aubergines

I don’t know how to best translate what this dish is into English. It is not a dip and definitely not your trendy aubergine ‘caviar’ but it is traditionally eaten as a side dish (or starter) with other dishes like grilled meat and chicken or even a stew with rice.

Chipotle Chicken Pitas with Chunky Guacamole

Chipotle [Chee-pot-lay] are smoked chillies that have the most wonderful smoky flavour which when used in marinades for meat and poultry and Mole sauces, impart a deep earthiness into the dish that is incredibly comforting. I always keep a jar of Chipotle paste in the cupboards, because convenience is the name of the game sometimes and it is perfectly ok to get a little help to prepare a good meal and my Chipotle chicken pitas are a great meal.